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Mare (Winningham) Sisters

The Mare Sisters or Winningham Sisters are a collection of clones, rather than true sisters, from the original Mare Winningham. The first Mare Sister appeared in the 2002 Calendar as 'little girly'. She was revealed to be one of many clones, all of which were inherently evil. That year four Mares were born from the calendar.

The 2002 sisters disappeared at the end of the year, but 2003 brought a new Mare who was the 88th clone of the original Mare. This Mare Sister died and was reincarnated for the next two years, and in 2005 has remained alive and married to Kuse. Also in 2003, Mark Winningham appeared and was the good version of the then evil Mare. They were found to be orphans as Mare ate her parents, but not before Mark was put in charge. Mark was apparently more powerful than Mare, since good triumphs over evil.

In 2004, Claire Winningham appeared as the 89th clone and became that year's villian. Mare had been revived by Knacks and Kuse, and her time being dead gave her time to think about life choices, leaving her with the decision to be good. In order to combat Claire, Megamare was born, and was much larger than the two. In the end Claire was frozen in a block of ice, since Santa couldn't kill anyone outright.

The 2005 year went by without any new Mare Sisters, but in 2006 The Boss lured everyone into a trap that the still frozen Claire organized. They move Claire back to the house since they still can't kill her, especially since Santa outright killed the Boss, and didn't want to risk breaking the rules twice. Mare II ended up arriving towards the end of the year, and helped Claire escape while burning the house. She was only half evil and figured the house burning was enough. Once Claire decided to go further, Mare II switched sides and helped the good team leading to the destruction of Claire, but later went off in search of some answers about her life. Also in 2006, two Winninghams appeared in the form of Mare's Mother and her son with Kuse, Box.

In 2007, an alternate dimension Calendar appeared and brought with it Hare Winningham from the fairy princess dimension. Early on in the year Cher was born and looked exactly like Mare II, which drove Knacks crazy since he hadn't heard from her since the previous year. Mare II was found out to have been killed, but her skeleton was reanimated and used as a surveillance camera. Cher was freed at the end, and decided to stick around, effectively replacing Mare II.

The following year in 2008, no new Mare Sisters arrived, but Claire returned to join forces with Hare after they both escaped from Hell. The were both defeated by the end of the year, but simply escaped after being wounded. In 2009, they decided to rest that year and not be evil. This almost didn't happen since the urge to be bad came back, but that year's Lego Santa offered to absolve their sins if they helped win the battle against Arcano. Before Arcano's demise, he revealed that Mare actually had two test-tube children with Arcano named Death and Mr. Balloons.

Everyone remained offscreen in 2010, for a small reboot, but a new Mare emerged from the Calendar and was dubbed Pear. After being tied up, Mare came to visit and untied her while drunk on wine. Pear blasted Mare unconscious and escaped to the Calendar to open the box 23 gift early revealing Stare. They soon merged and became Doublemare for a few days until Freddy Krueger blasted them apart, and Jason Voorhees killed Stare. Pear ended up teaming with Mare to defeat the two horror icons and formed a different incarnation of Doublemare. When that didn't work, Horsey was revealed via a dictionary to be a Mare Sister as well, since 'mare' is a female horse. His polyps were used to blast a new spell-induced Mare appropriately called Nightmare.

For the DinoDrac Calendar in 2012, the Safari Woman Gracie was shown to exhibit hand energy on the last day, alluding to a possible connection as a Mare.


Original Mare IOriginal Mare IIOriginal Mare IIIOriginal Mare IV

2003 Mare2004 Mare2005+ Mare

Mark (2003)Claire (2004)MegaMare (2004)

Mother (2006)Box (2006)Mare II (2006)

Hare (2007)Cher (2007)Death (2009)Mr. Balloons (2009)

Pear (2010)Stare (2010)Pear/Stare ComboPear/Mare Combo

Horsey (2010)Nightmare (2010)Gracie (2012)
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