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Welcome to the X-Entertainment Advent Calendar Wiki.
Below is an attempt to catalog the Plots, Characters, and Misc. stuff that has happened throughout the years.

The X-Entertainment Advent Calendar is a project that has evolved over the years. Originally designed to be another addition to the Christmas countdown, each day would review another Playmobile toy. As the years progressed, the list of characters grew and plot arcs began to form.

While 2002 was little more than a commentary about each piece, and 2003 was some of the same with small bits of dialogue added, 2004 switched from Matt's narration to a purely dialogue driven story. From here main characters were fleshed out and continued to detail a story that bridged each year.

For each season, a new calendar appears for the cast to open each day. The rules are simple: open a box on the appropriate day and no sooner. That and fend off the forces of evil that try to ruin Christmas each year.

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Additional Info:
Character List, Items of Importance, Calendar Gifts, Figure Sources, Hand Energy