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Naked Santa
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LEGO ADVENT CALENDAR, DECEMBER 18th: Oh. My. God. Today's gift is the gift by which all other gifts must be measured. Friends, colleagues! Feast your eyes...on NAKED SANTA.

Not completely naked, but still. Santa wears his hat, a black thong, and absolutely nothing else. The fact that he's nearly nude and carrying a scrubbing brush lends credence to theory that yesterday's gift was indeed a shower.

NAKED SANTA. Wow. I wouldn't be surprised if some ill-tempered clown ran into the room and copped to fucking around my with my Advent Calendar's contents. Could this really be true? Did we really go from fire trucks and tables to Santa Claus in a G-string?

Tomorrow's gift could be a ten dollar bill. The next day a pouch of precious red garnets. Doesn't matter. Nothing tops NAKED SANTA. It's all downhill from here. Has to be. -Matt

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