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Each year a new Santa is born from the Calendars. In most traditions, the Santa will stay until the next year, assign the gift opening duties, ensure things go well, and then hand the job over to the next Santa once born.

However the best of ideas rarely go as planned, and there have been years where the previous Santa didn't want to give up his post, or the Santa never arrived, or Santa just showed up prematurely or even before the Calendar began.

While the most notable Santas are Playmobile, there have been some Lego Santas from time to time. Only one has played a major role, and usually a Playmobile Santa takes over soon after.

The first Santa was from the 2002 calendar. The year ended prematurely, but a teaser the following February showed a distorted image of the four original Mares meeting him. The first real appearance was in 2003, when Santa 2003 defeated Mare. After this year, he was no longer seen and Santa 2004 was born the following year. Santa 2004 stayed around until the next year when Santa 2005 was born early. The two Santas coexisted for a time, but Santa 2004 didn't want to give up his post at the time. Waiterbot who had taken Santa's body for a time, gained permanent control so 2005's version could have his rightful place. Lego Santa 2005 appeared briefly, but everyone forgot to open his box, so he was never heard from again.

Santa 2005 was okay with handing over the duties the following year as he wanted to go south and relax. In a turn of events, 2006's Santa was burnt while still in the box, and it was looking like he'd have to take on an extra shift. However Lego Santa 2006 was found, and agreed to be the new official Santa. This Lego version took a more hands-on approach in 2007, insisting on living in the mansion and directing many aspects of life. He then died later and no new Santas appeared for that year.

Despite the lack of a 2007 Santa, the burnt incarnation from 2006 came back in 2007 and 2008 as the villian Santa-X. Additionally very early in the year, Santa 2008 popped out to defeat some demons and spent the rest of the Calendar helping out. Since 2008 ended with a cliffhanger, we can only assume he died with the others. In 2009, two Santas arrived. The Playmobile version didn't come out of the Calendar but appeared prior to assign opening duties to Hssxxlllo and Waiterbot. Later on, Lego Santa 2009 was born normally, although prematurely, and the two finished out the year.

Santa 2009 followed the traditional role, and additionally Naked Santa appeared from the Facebook exclusive Lego Calendar. As a twist, there was no 2010 Playmobile Santa, but the Lego Calendar produced a real Lego Santa, letting us assume that Naked Santa was fake and just wanted free hugs while wearing a thong.



200320042004 during 2005

2005Lego 2005Santa-X (2006)

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