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Lego Santa 2010
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LEGO ADVENT CALENDAR, DECEMBER 24th: It's Christmas Eve. The big day, or at least the one next to it. Today is important for so many reasons, including this one: Last LEGO Advent Calendar gift for 2010!

And it's...huh? SANTA? ON A TRAIN?! Forget the train -- HOW are there two Santa Clauses?

It only took a moment for Saul and the gang to realize that they'd been duped. Naked Santa is NOT SANTA. It's one thing to wander around in a thong when you're Santa Claus, because Santa has certainly earned the right to be eccentric. But this?

A ringer?

A naked ringer, who has been all too quick to offer those patented, thirty-second "Santa hugs" at every turn?

If it wasn't Christmas Eve, they'd beat the fuck out of him. Actually, they had every intention of doing so, but the real Santa reminded them that Christmas is a time for forgiveness and understanding, even if it's hard to offer either to a impostor who's been waving his junk in your face for half of the holiday season.

But since the real Santa is on an aggressive and possibly weapons-enhanced train, everyone listens to him. It's a merry Christmas for all, and all that's left is the big, happy group photo. Let's save that for Christmas morning. -Matt

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