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December 20, 2009
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Waiterbot, Roboclown, Hssxxlllo, Mista Snowman, Sam, Tony, Bistro, Raccoon, Officer Smith, Uncle Milton, Jet, Claire, Hare, James Lipton (as Sam Preston), Mare, Kuse, Knacks, Giant Coconut Crabs, Santa 2009, Man-Car

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift: Remote Control Car

Plot: After receiving a remote controlled car, Hare can Claire decide to slip back into being evil since the good route is seemingly fruitless. Hare suggests kidnapping and torture, but Claire things a lesser crime of opening a gift early will be a good lead-in. They get another person, and Hare wants to blast him again, but Claire has a better idea. As Hare opens the gifts for the 22nd as well, Claire assembles the Lego person into a Man-Car consisting of a head with wheels.

At home, everyone is trying to recover from the party the previous night. Waiterbot is ashamed at the drunks and cheese scattered about. Roboclown is left to clean up the mess, while everyone else sleeps. Jet and Hssxxlllo also help with the cleanup, when they hear a loud thumping coming from the wall.

Suddenly Mare and Knacks crash through the wall. They had been on the other side all of this time, and let everyone know that they are living next to Arcano. As they pull Kuse, two coconut crabs appear behind them, trapping everyone.

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