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December 19, 2009
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Waiterbot, Roboclown, Hssxxlllo, Mista Snowman, Sam, Tony, Bistro, Raccoon, Officer Smith, Uncle Milton, Jet, Claire, Hare, James Lipton (as Sam Preston), Mare, Kuse, Knacks, Giant Coconut Crabs, Santa 2009, Moe

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift: Moe

Plot: Hare isn't thrilled about the Christmas decorations, or the overall festivities. The everyone else start drinking to celebrate including Santa. Hare goes over to Hssxxlllo and tells him that they are going to the Calendar, since the conga line isn't all that alluring.

At the evil lair, Kuse is still trying to smalltalk the crabs while Knacks and Mare continue clawing at the walls in an attempt to escape. At the Calendar, Claire tries to reason with Hare about being good for once. Hare can't understand how she can deal with the new situation. Claire simply states that after 5 years of terror, she's tired. As she builds today's gift of another Lego person, she blasts him with hand energy, letting Hare know that she still has some evil left.

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