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December 21, 2009
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Waiterbot, Roboclown, Hssxxlllo, Mista Snowman, Sam (deceased), Tony, Bistro (deceased), Officer Smith, Uncle Milton, Jet, Claire, Hare, James Lipton, Mare, Kuse, Knacks, Giant Coconut Crabs, Santa 2009, Arcano

Notable Events: Bistro and Sam die

Calendar Gift: Character that would become Man-Car (opened on 12/20)

Plot: As the crabs corner everyone, Mare tries one last attempt at using her hand energy to defeat the crabs, but it has little effect. Waiterbot and Roboclown also decide to give it a go, and jump and stab them, also with little effect. Sam and Bistro are torn apart, and the rest fear that once the unimportant characters are gone, the crabs will move on to them.

Off to the side, James Lipton realizes that it is his time to reveal his self, and save the day. After talking to himself, he fires the flamethrowers from his hands and defeats one of the crabs. Santa sees this, and uses his own hand energy to defeat the other. Everyone wonders why Santa didn't reveal his powers earlier, but he figured they would ask him to use them for any random activity otherwise. Everyone celebrates, as Arcano pops his head out from the wall and looks on.

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