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December 22, 2008
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Arcano, Elephants, Lionesses, Santa 2008, Footrest, Box, Legotron, Texas Mandarin, Striped Pig, Ted, James Lipton, George, Waiterbot, Mista Snowman, Man Eating Chicken, Turquoise, Badger, Santa 2008, Giant Unicorn, Arcano, Barnum, Hare, Claire, Whitebeard, Bootylicious, Janet, Paul, Alpha Omega, Hssxxlllo, Tigerboy, Santa-X, James #2, Doctor, Mother Raccoon, Cher, Giant Coconut Crabs

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Rowboat (according to official Calendar)
Lego: Hiker (according to official Calendar)

Plot: Arcano repeats his intent to have a child with Mare, whether she likes it or not. He then blasts her to the ground with eye energy. As Mare hides behind a table, Arcano gets blasted in turn by the clown while Mare shouts to finish him.

Outside they have reached a hand energy stalemate, so Claire summons the reserves. Two pirates, Whitebeard and Bootylicious, show up and kill Footrest and threaten George. Claire blasts open the cage to Santa-X, and he starts fighting with the real Santa. This prevents one set of hand energy being used, so Hare shouts to Claire that she should start dealing out the death blows. She hates everyone and doesn't know who to start with, so she fires blindly. Ted, who had been born from the Calendar a few days prior, still had a tissue over his head from Waiterbot, and doesn't see the blast coming that kills him. James Lipton is upset, as he had quickly become friends with Ted, and decides that this is the moment to get revenge.

James climbs up to the top of the circus tent and overlooks the battle. Claire is debating on killing Knacks or Kuse first, when James approaches. She thinks it's a joke, but James begins to talk. He explains that they killed one of his closest friends and clearly, they must be destroyed. Claire counters that by himself, he is no match for the two of them. He responds by stating his major in college was not journalism, but rather biological fission, and a clone of James pops up with equally impressive flamethrowers. They burn Claire's hand off, and to defeat Hare, James debuts the flame thrower coming out the top of his head. Hare and Claire quickly disappear.

Waiterbot is stunned that James was able to single(or double) handedly defeat the major threats this year. The James' rejoice by makes the word 'Remarkablous' out of fire. With this victory, the pirates are easily overtaken.

However inside, the clown delays killing Arcano in order to deal with the circus animals, which gives Arcano the chance to blast him apart. Mare escapes outside in the mean time to reunite with Kuse. As Arcano follows, the elephant and lioness follow and slowly transform into giant coconut crabs. The scene ends for the year prematurely as they prepare to attack.

Also repeated on another URL but with a starry background. The date shows December 23rd, so there was an attempt to finish the story.
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