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December 21, 2008
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Footrest, Box, Legotron, Texas Mandarin, Alpha Omega, Striped Pig, Ted, James Lipton, George, Reindeer, Doe, Deer corpse, Brown Boar, Paul, Waiterbot, Mista Snowman, Man Eating Chicken, Turquoise, Janet, Badger, Santa 2008, Giant Unicorn, Fox, Arcano, Barnum, Hare, Claire, Cher, Hssxxlllo, Raccoon, Tigerboy

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Fox
Lego: Glass Jugs

Plot: Faux Kuse announces that he and Mare are going to make a baby, so he instructs everyone to clear out of the circus. Waiterbot puts up a stink, but soon everyone is gone. Mare makes some dinner to return to the days when they were dating, but Kuse wants to get on with things. Outside, the remainder of the cast try to make awkward small talk.

Mare returns after getting something and offers faux Kuse some sushi. He refuses and says he will never eat raw. Mare then blasts him with hand energy, knowing the gig is up. Everyone wonders what the explosion is, when the real Kuse shows up. He starts to explain, but another blast comes their way, and Claire and Mare show up on top of the circus tent. Inside Mare orders the faux Kuse to show his face, and he does revealing himself as Arcano.

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