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December 18, 2006
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Tigerboy, Doctor, James Lipton, Legotron, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty, Miss Snowman, Box, Evil-1, Evil-2, Bad Guy, Scabby, Troll, The Boss, Santa 2005, Claire

Notable Events:
Several evil henchmen are killed off
First time seeing The Boss's face
The Boss dies
Claire Winningham reappears

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Sleigh
Lego: Raygun and Console

Plot: Tigerboy and Doctor review their gifts and dicuss how the team is progressing with the rescue. This figure the longer it takes, the more danger they are in, and hope Mista Snowman becomes the first casualty.

THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY! ensues...with a long fight scene. Kuse kills Evil-2, Waiterbot kills Evil-1, Box kills Troll, Legotron kills Scabby, and Kuse also kills Bad Guy. They throw the bodies into a pile and start to celebrate, but realize it's too early.

The Boss arrives and reveals that they have fallen into a trap that will allow her to collect all of their life energy. Kuse runs to save Mare and is almost blasted by the Boss's wand. Legotron jumps in the way and knocks all of his heads off. Santa luckily shows up and starts to attack the Boss. At the last minute, she admits that she's being controlled. Santa insists that she tell who this person is. The Boss tells them to look behind the white curtain and see for themselves. They collectively pull it aside and see the still frozen body of Claire in a block of ice. The Boss thinks she's saved and hopes to be absolved, but Santa kills her anyway on the account of her fashion tastes.

Mare and Box finally reunite and catch up on what has happened over the past few days. They wonder what to do with Claire and Santa doesn't feel he can ultimately kill her given that's against the rules, and he broke that already today. He instructs them to perpetually guard the ice and conveys that it's magic ice and will never melt, so the job shouldn't be too hard. They don't like this, but since everyone is together again, they agree that's the most important thing.

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