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December 17, 2006
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Mista Snowman, Miss Snowman, Box, Errand Owl, Pauly Pooch, Legotron, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty, Doctor, Tigerboy, James Lipton, Chef, Cop Dude, Custodian, The Boss, Scabby, Troll, Evil-1, Evil-2, Bad Guy

Notable Events: Chef gives Legotron his head.

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Birds
Lego: Police Barrier and Speed Limit sign

Plot: Kuse rushes home to tell the news of the kidnapping and that he needs three volunteers to help rescue Mare and others. Knacks, Waiterbot, and Legotron offer to help. Knacks due to friendship, Waiterbot since Waiterbetty needs to be rescued, and Legotron to prove his karate skills once and for all. Just before they go, Chef gives Legotron his head in order to help their advantage.

The Boss has everyone tied up and is waiting for the heros to arrive so she can suck the life energy from them all. At the Calendar, Doctor and James Lipton have been given control over the Playmobile gifts. They get colored birds and philosophize about the significance of different incremental arrangements. Tigerboy continues the Lego Calendar alone.

The Owl brings the heros to the evil lair, and they begin to go in.

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