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December 19, 2006
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Box, Tigerboy, Claire, Cop Dude, Custodian, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty, Mechanic, Mista Snowman, Miss Snowman, James Lipton, Errand Owl, Bird the Crow, Doctor, Legotron, Mare II's arm

Notable Events:
Forshadowing of Mare II's appearance
Setting up of what will become the Burnt Christmas Tree

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: A Wagon
Lego: Mechanic

Plot: Mare and Kuse are home and recounting the month of December so far, which has covered an awful amount of events for only being less than three weeks. Since they are tired, they decide to take a nap.

Knacks and Tigerboy guard Claire, but this makes Knacks depressed since once again, he remembers that he doesn't have a special someone. He did have a crush on Claire once, but the constant reminder now is driving him to blog. They go off to grab the Lego gift, while the Cop and Custodian watch Claire. Legotron is with Waiterbot while reassembling his pile of head, insisting that they be put on in the same order to preserve his feng shui. (Waiterbot doesn't do it right)

Knacks and Tigerboy find a Mechanic in the Calendar and comment on how many people they are getting this year. Mista Snowman and Kuse get a wagon that Mista can ride around on. They arrive home and show their respective gifts. Mare calls them over as they're going to put the star on the Christmas Tree. The 'star' is Waiterbetty's head, who has no say in the matter. As they admire the tree, Kuse feels like something is missing. The view then cuts over to box #20, which has an arm sticking out.

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