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Betty Bread
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LEGO ADVENT CALENDAR, DECEMBER 14th: All bets are off. BETTY BREAD is here, and she's a gamechanger.

Tall, well-dressed and finely manicured, BETTY BREAD flaunts a Prada blazer and a deeelicous loaf of bread.

She is acutely aware that the only other food sources are a couple of sausages, and a carrot nose from a snowman who hasn't been seen for weeks.

BETTY BREAD nearly has a monopoly. The food is under her control. Saul, Sally and Steve now have more in common than the first letter of their names: They're all at the mercy of BETTY BREAD.

We're building to a barter system, here. I'm reminded of the ancient Egyptians, trading wheat for ostrich eggs. Course, does BETTY BREAD really need toy fire trucks and wood wagons? Everyone else better hope so, or they just might starve to death. -Matt

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