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December 21-23, 2012
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Dino Drac

Notable Events:

Calendar Gift:
21st - Magnifying Glass
22nd - Bed of Hay
23rd - Eggs (or rocks with chiseled cracks)

Plot: The 21st brought a giant magnifying glass, but Dino Drac is not happy, he wants another present, and fast. The 22nd gives a bed of hay, but it's so filthy that it holds its shape. This is not a good sign, and he ends up opening a third gift. The Calendar is almost exhausted, but so is his patience with these lesser gifts.

The 23rd brings eggs, but on closer inspection, they are just rocks with cracks etched in them. They fit into the bed of hay, but Dino Drac wants to open even more and finish the Calendar. But some things are worth waiting for, and the last day certainly will be. We hope.

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