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December 17, 2010
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Mista Snowman, Waiterbot, Officer Smith, Santa 2009, Horsey, Pear, Kuse, Mare, Stare, Freddy Krueger, Doublemare

Notable Events:

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Doublemare
Lego: Shower

Plot: Mare wakes up from Pear's blast and tries to figure out what's going on. Kuse explains her drinking situation. Then Kuse threatens to rip out her intestines while transforming into Freddy Krueger. Mare wakes up from this dream to the real Kuse. She makes him take off his helmet to prove he's real. Kuse asks is it's the same dream she's been having, and Mare confirms that it's been that way for two months.

Waiterbot approaches and tells her the news that Pear escaped and it's all her fault. Santa insists that opening the gifts each day is still the top priority and that Mare and he should be the ones to continue the process as they have hand energy.

They head off the the Calendar as Mare apologizes for her actions. Santa says it's okay, but is soon blasted from the back by Pear. Mare shouts over to her, but is in turn blasted by the new Mare sister named Stare. Stare hates her name, but Pear thinks it's cute. Stare comments how easy this was and wonders if they should just kill them or perform their magic trick. Pear agrees on the trick, and they disappear.

Mare and Santa wake up to box #17 opening by itself as a new Mare sister pops out. Santa wonders if it's a Megamare, but Mare informs him that it's worse. It's a Doublemare.

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