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December 18, 2009
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Waiterbot, Roboclown, Hssxxlllo, Mista Snowman, Raccoon, Officer Smith, Jet, Claire, Hare, James Lipton (as Sam Preston), Mare, Kuse, Knacks, Giant Coconut Crabs, Santa 2009

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift: Blue Flame Fountain

Plot: Kuse, Knacks, and Mare are staring at the crab and wondering how to escape. They state that Arcano is getting more insane by the day, and they need to think of something. They figure they can claw out of the rock save, since it's just soft limestone. They figure they will need to distract the crab while they do so, so after a coin toss, Kuse was volunteered to do the distracting.

At the Calendar, Hare is itching to do wrong, but Claire wants a year off to relax. They argue a bit, while Mista Smown and Roboclown build an blue flame fountain. Mista jumps around over the gift, and Claire can't promise that they won't have the option of killing him this year.

Santa drops in much to Hssxxlllo's surprise, and he introduces Santa to Jet. Waiterbot is taking inventory of everything in the house for some reason, and notices that many of the random lego gifts are missing. He doesn't care all that much for those items though, as we see the Raccoon elsewhere has made a stash of these pieces.

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