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December 12, 2009
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Waiterbot, Roboclown, Hssxxlllo, Mista Snowman, Sam, Tony, Raccoon, Officer Smith, Uncle Milton

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift: Wooden crate with invitation to a Skate Park

Plot: Roboclown and Mista Snowman are building today's gift. They can't figure out what it's supposed to be, when Roboclown notices that he missed a piece. Mista is annoyed at first that Roboclown can't build it correctly, but opening inspecting the piece, they see that they've received an invitation to the St. Lukosville Skate Park.

At home, Waiterbot is angry about the Raccoon's lemonade prices. Hssxxlllo figures that it's simple supply and demand, and they just need to stop buying. Waiterbot admits that he can't. Then the Raccoon drives by in yesterday's gift car, and they all melt from his cuteness.

Mista rushes in and presents the skate park tickets to the crew. Hssxxlllo thinks briefly that it could be a trap, but the tickets look legit. Waiterbot thinks it's a terrible idea, and their only car is too small aside from being taken by the Raccoon. Mista Snowman already thought of that and picked up an SUV on the way home.

They had concerns over how he managed to obtain a car, but they decide to head out and leave the duties to the Lego characters. Hssxxlllo takes the driver's seat, and Mista Snowman intends to stare at Waiterbot the entire time.

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