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December 11, 2009
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Waiterbot, Roboclown, Hssxxlllo, Mista Snowman, Sam, Tony, Raccoon, Officer Smith, Uncle Milton

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift: Small Car

Plot: Roboclown needs to talk with Waiterbot, but Waiterbot is busy eating ham and drinking wine. Roboclown says he overstepped his usual remarks and really insulted Hssxxlllo and should apologize. Waiterbot remains defiant as Roboclown walks away.

Elsewhere, Mista Snowman has the Lego bit-characters lined up and is ready to show them some nudie photos. After a pause, he opens the laptop and displays a picture of a cat with a Santa hat. They all walk away disappointed.

At the Raccoon's lemonade stand, Hssxxlllo is mulling over his failure as a friend. The Raccoon offers him some lemonade to help, but then Waiterbot shows up. Hssxxlllo at first doesn't want to hear from him, but Waiterbot slowly comes out with an apology, due in part to several bottles of wine. Hssxxlllo feels so much better, and wants to celebrate by opening today's Lego gift with him. Waiterbot doesn't want to join at first, but figures the gift may be worth the trouble. They arrive, build the gift of a car, and Hssxxlllo figures he better drive back, since Waiterbot has continued drinking.

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