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December 15, 2008
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Knacks, Arcano, Mare, Hssxxlllo, Barnum, Badger, Box, James Lipton, Waiterbot, Turquoise, Santa 2008, Man Eating Chicken, Brown Boar, Giant Unicorn, Cher, Tigerboy, Deer, Santa-X

Notable Events: Find out via diary entries that Kuse has been missing since December 5th.

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Badger
Lego: Robot Bee

Plot: Hssxxlllo hasn't gotten anywhere with the clown and is thinking it might be a hopeless cause. Mare asks him to continue while she tries to figure out why Kuse is acting strange lately. She sent him off to open today's gift, while she looks through his diary. At the Calendar, Mista Snowman opens up a badger while thinking it's a Skunk.

Mare tries to find Kuse's diary, but it isn't readily available. Santa is off reading it meanwhile and stumbles on a 2005 (mislabeled 2004) entry where Kuse admits to a crush on Mare. There's a September entry where is also admits to having coconut crab nightmares. Mare comes in and takes the diary. She then reports to Hssxxlllo, but says there's nothing of interest, however he stopped writing entries on the 5th, which was the same day he disappeared briefly during Mista Snowman's comedy routine.

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