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December 8, 2008
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Knacks, Arcano, Mare, Cher, Waiterbot, James Lipton, Hssxxlllo, Tigerboy, Box, Legotron, Mista Snowman, Malformo, Deathra, Santa 2008

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Deathra and Malformo (original contents were carrots and other vegetables based on official Calendar)
Lego: Cat in a Tree

Plot: Knacks and Cher are out getting today's gift. After a spontaneous 'I Love You' to Cher, they notice that today's box is huge. After opening, they see the two demons come out, which attempt to kidnap them. Cher uses her hand energy but without any luck, since demons are immune.

At home, Waiterbot is holding the hat above James Lipton's head. The noise is bothering Hssxxlllo who is currently trying to tell Mare and Kuse about the clues he's found online regarding Hare and Claire. He concludes that a villian known as Arcano is at large and possibly in control. Kuse, as we'd find out later why, refutes this and say bigfoot could be in control just as easily.

Back at the struggle in the Calendar, the demons are still fighting when a flash appears behind them. Santa 2008 pops out and blasts apart the villians, stating that he was trying to get some rest. Everyone wonders if this will violate the rules of the Calendar, but Santa has no idea.

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