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December 2, 2008
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Box, Legotron, Santa-X, Waiterbot, James Lipton, Cher, Tigerboy, Mista Snowman, Hssxxlllo, Man Eating Chicken, Lionesses, Barnum, Alpha Omega, Random Peacock

Notable Events:

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Dead Tree
Lego: Eighth Wonder of the World

Plot: Legotron and Box are at the circus animal cages and have Santa-X locked in one. Legotron figures they should have just killed him, but Box figures Mare is using him to possibly exchange for Waiterbetty and Doctor if they're still around. Box has no objection to throwing rocks at him however.

At the Lego Calendar, Waiterbot is frustrated at the uselessness of the Lego gifts. James Lipton things they just need to look at it from another angle, so he flips it. After seeing it from this vantage point, he announces that it is the eighth wonder of the world. At the Playmobile Calendar, Cher gets a dead tree, which fits into the plot of grass from the previous day. Waiterbot meets up with Knacks at the Calendars. He scoffs at their gift, while championing his own.

Mare's at home searching online for a Christmas gift for Kuse, but doesn't know what to get. Mista Snowman approaches and suggests Sleigh Bellz. At the cages, Hssxxlllo is guarding Santa-X to ensure no one lets him out. Santa-X tries to make a deal by saying he may know some details regarding the crab attack over the summer.

In the circus a lion is eatign dinner, but finds that it's just bones, not a fit meal for it. Then it looks up to the top of the tent, and sees a mysterious clown.

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