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December 24, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Doctor, Alpha Omega, Tigerboy, Legotron, Hssxxlllo, Cher, Waiterbot, James Lipton, Giant Unicorn, Small Pony, Man with Megaphone

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Flowers, Small Pony, Giant Unicorn (gifts opened from 12/22-12/24). Small Pony most likely today's gift based on box size.
Evil Playmobile: Gold Guy based on original layout (Boxes all opened on 12/19)
Lego: Christmas Tree (opened from 12/21-12/24)

Plot: With the danger now in the past, Doctor welcomes the period of peace. Alpha Omega wonders if they can be truely happy after many just died, and Doctor thinks it won't be that hard. Kuse is glad this is over and won't bother heading back to work, since they can ebay all the rabbit witch equipment and ride for another six months or so.

They look over to Hssxxlllo and wonder what to do with him. They offer to let him stay by Hssxxlllo figures he doesn't deserve it. Waiterboty reminds him all of the horrible things he himself has done in the past, so Hssxxlllo would be far from the worst person there.

Knacks and Cher are staring at the burnt Christmas Tree, and blurts out that he loves her. He fears that she will leave like Mare II, but she assures him that she intends to stay, since she loves him too.

Everyone decides to go to the calendars and open all the remaining gifts since they are still outstanding. They also hope to find a new Santa, as he should be due now. But there are just ponies, flowers, and a unicorn at Playmobile, and random lego things, so this becomes the year without Santa. They try to stay positive and wish everyone some form of Mery Christmas.

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