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December 1, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Mista Snowman, Miss Snowman, James Lipton, Tigerboy, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty, Lego Santa 2006, Doctor, Box, Legotron, Fireman

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Giant Jewel-encrusted Birdcage
Evil Playmobile: Weapon Rack and Golden Dragon Statue (shown in video interruption)
Lego: Fireman

Plot: Knacks sits down and pens his first blog entry of the 2007 Christmas season. Santa will be coming soon to give them their Calendar assignments, and their housing arrangment has changed as Kuse bought a new mansion. The downside is that he must work constantly to afford it, and has gotten a desk job. This is taking a toll on the family, and Mare's relationship. He's even going to miss the Advent Calendar debut.

Waiterbot has also taken to the internet, and started making Vlogs about various things. He afforded the video camera by pimping out Waiterbetty to Legotron. They prepare to go meet the new Lego Santa, despite the common feeling that he's an inferior Santa incarnation.

After meeting up, the new Santa tries to put their doubts to rest about his authenticity. Since Tigerboy and Knacks did such a great job last year, they have been reassigned to the Lego Calendar. Playmobile was up for grabs since Kuse has a full time job, so Santa draws names from a hat. As luck would have it, Waiterbot and Mista Snowman are teamed together, much to Waiterbot's dismay.

Tigerboy and Knacks head down to the Calendar to open their first gift. They comment on Mare's mood since Kuse has continually been away. Their gift ends up being Fireman again, who was originally born out of the December 1, 2005 Calendar.

Waiterbot and Mista show up at the Playmobile Calendar, and notice that its theme is more of a Fairy Princess than Christmas. Mista still tries to tie every reference to Christmas somehow, but it's a stretch.

Kuse is shown at his job, which is displayed in an overly desaturated light. He hopes to finish work fast, and get back to the Calendar before it's over, but after looking at his workload, he knows it's going to be far too late.

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