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December 14, 2005
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Kuse, Knacks, Mare, Hellf, Inky, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty

Notable Events:
Mare remembers the past and is revealed to be the same one from 2003
Waiterbetty gets a host body

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Hay
Lego: Some Sort of Clock

Plot: Knacks was last seen leaving for Santa's house, but now we see him tied up in front of Inky and Hellf. Knacks still doesn't know about the situation with Santa ans Waiterbot, so he's a bit confused. Inky gives him the two sentence update and then argues with Hellf over who's boss should do the punishing. Before this goes on too long, Mare shows up to complain about the noise and see what is going on.

Knacks gives her the history of the Mare's, and while she agrees that he sounds sincere, she still doesn't remember any of this and must now destroy him. However at that moment Inky walks back in with a phone stating that they are ordering sushi. This triggers a flashback to the previous year, when Kuse, Knacks, and Mare were having sushi, and her memories return. Knacks admits he was just making things up to escape, but whatever works in the end.

She questions why she was doing the evil deeds and why Waiterbot stole her box to begin with, which is the first time Knacks is tipped off that Waiterbot is still around. Despite threats from Mare, he insists on staying and with the help of Waiterbetty, they begin to attack. However Mare and Knacks just teleport home thanks to Mare's magical abilities. They rush to Kuse to let him know that they urgently need to save Santa from Waiterbot.

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