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December 25, 2004
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Kuse, Knacks, Waiterbot, Claire, Megamare, Santa 2004, Dalmatian, Wisemen, Mary, Joseph, Grey Kitty

Notable Events: Kuse receives his face

Calendar Gift: n/a

Plot: The crew can't believe that Mare is dead and plead for Santa to help them. Santa agrees that standard gift giving won't due this time, but he still takes time to give out the tangible presents first. Knacks receives a contract to star in a Broadway play, despite it looking like a treasure map. Kuse receives a face finally even though it is ugly.

This leaves the matter of how to deal with Claire. After last year's events, the elders deem that killing is unSantaish, so Claire thinks she's won. Santa plays a trick though and entraps her in a cylinder of ice. She's technically not dead, but still can't hurt anyone. Mare is still unaccounted for, but Santa insists that her spirit is alive. He says he sent her soul into the past to be reborn as a prophet to make the world a better place.

This actually means she was sent to replace baby Jesus in the original nativity scene, which of course would alter a few things in history. Waiterbot also has traveled back in time to steal the wisemen's gifts. His grey kitty has grown due to all the food it ate, and acts has his henchman. The cat apparently eats the reincarnated Mare, but as we find out later, God doesn't look kindly on nulling out the founding moment of Christianity, so he retcons the events, and we're left to find out what happens during the next year. However Matt alludes in a blog post that "After filming, the whole gang went for cinnamon martinis and made New Year's plans."

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