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December 11, 2004
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Kuse, Knacks, Mare, Waiterbot, Claire

Notable Events: Waiterbot gets a new body.

Calendar Gift: Black Cat Statue

Plot: With everyone safely asleep, Claire proclaims here true intentions. Nothing can stop her from being evil, and Mare's turn for the better gives her more reason to do the opposite. She also intends to kill the rest just for fun. Rather then jump to murder, she decided to start slow and simple annoy them by opening today's calendar box first. The gift is just a cat statue and rather useless. Next to it is a bomb, and this is something that she could use.

Waiterbot happens to be nearby and questions her actions. He is still loyal to the crew and plans to rat her out first thing in the morning, but Claire makes him an offer. In exchange for silence, she gives him a new body. He is hesitent but ends up taking the bait. But it's a trick, and he must now be her slave until Christmas. They head off to bring the bomb to the Winter residence of an old friend.

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