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December 10, 2004
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Kuse, Knacks, Mare, Waiterbot, Claire

Notable Events:
Claire is named, rather than being a Mare II
The story of the Mare clones is told
Santa 2002 is mentioned as being boring since he never came out of his box, mainly because the 2002 year never was finished.

Calendar Gift: A Big Basket

Plot: Claire details the story of the Mare clones. Roofies are to blame for the original Mare splitting into 150 other clones. As a side effect, each clone has a desire to do evil, and more specifically kill their predecessor. Mare is clone #88, while Claire is #89. However Claire states that these urges are all in the past, and she won't do any harm. At least not to Mare, she still has the urge to hit old ladies and doesn't understand why Mare won't do the same.

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