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December 25, 2003
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Mare, Mark Winningham, Santa 2003, Pauly Pooch, Bird the Crow, Killer Reindeer, Mista Snowman, Miss Snowman, Rancor

Notable Events: Death of Mare

Plot: Mare is tied up to a post and left for dead. It's not immediate apparent how though. Santa returns to Mark and hands out some presents. Despite Mark giving up his earlier to save Mista, he does receive a tuba. It's not a gift he wants, and takes it as a sign that he was bad this year. Pauly and Bird are given the gift of living as real children, however they still talk like birds and dogs. The voice part can be their present next year then, as Santa states. Killer is given a collar, which he hates, and Mista is Given a wife.

They live happily ever after for a while, and then we see Mare. She's still tied up and angry. Soon she hears what she thinks is Mysterious Boy coming to save her, but it's really that Rancor Monster Jabba the Hut keeps in a cave to kill people. We assume Mare meets the same fate.

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