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December 4, 2009
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Waiterbot, Roboclown, Hssxxlllo, Tony, Mista Snowman, Sam, Santa 2009

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift: Sam

Plot: After being on the laptop for only 20 minutes, Mista Snowman manages to litter the computer with spyware. Since Hssxxlllo now has to spend hours cleaning it, he requests that someone take Lego calendar duty for the day. Since Waiterbot only got a cheap sled yesterday, he refuses. Roboclown steps in an offers to make the trip.

After he's off, Santa shows up and requests the sled for a charity toy drive. Despite hating it, Waiterbot won't give it up. So Santa offers him a trade for something 10 times more valuable. Waiterbot accepts, but Santa is tricky, and the traded gift is actually the gift of giving. This is far from the worst thing Santa has done, so he heads off with the sled. Roboclown returns soon after with his gift: Sam. Waiterbot is now doubly mad, and to make matters worse, Mista Snowman shows up with a microphone, so no good can come from that.

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