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December 5, 2008
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Waiterbot, James Lipton, Cher, Deer, Man Eating Chicken, Janet, Alpha Omega, Legotron, Hssxxlllo, Box, Mista Snowman

Notable Events: Kuss is kidnapped, as determined by lack of journal updates, and his admission once they found him later.

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: A Deer and Deer Droppings
Lego: Antennae Box

Plot: James Lipton is still going on about his hat, but Waiterbot offers him the useless contents of today's gift as a consolation. James is quite happy. At the other Calendar, Cher and Mare go together. Knacks remained home to make a surprise for Kuse. Cher is also concerns, and Mare explains that the destruction of the mansion broke his spirit after sacrificing so much in 2007.

Man Eating Chicken is conversing with Janet, who is new. Alpha Omega (now named Fireman after the original Fireman disappeared at the end of 2007) rushes in and needs to talk to them. They have no idea who he is, since they weren't introduced earlier. Alpha wants to know how he can be noticeable, which makes sense since no one remembers his real name at this point. Man Eating Chicken tells him that he needs a gimmick, such as eating chicken...but not that specifically as it is taken. Alpha thinks being true to himself should be reward enough, but Legotron comes up behind him and just insists that he should donate his head and be done with the whining.

Knacks is with Kuse and a few others, and planned a surprise comedian to cheer him up. Box reveals that he doesn't like Hssxxlllo very much, and wishes to never speak to him. Then Mista Snowman comes out as the comedian, much to everyone's disappointment. His jokes fall flat, and Kuse disappears. It is later found out that at this moment, he was kidnapped, but they are just happy that they know he can move. Mista Snowman considers it a job well done.

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