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December 21, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Cher, Waiterbot, Lego Santa 2006, Legotron, Box, Tigerboy, Mista Snowman, Blue Oswald, Orange Oswald, Gas Attendant, Sweeper, Hare, Hssxxlllo, Santa-X, Chainmale, Goldguy, Carol, Trudy, Fireman, Alpha Omega, Errand Owl

Notable Events: Blue Oswald, Orange Oswald, Gas Attendant, and Sweeper die

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Roman Fences (opened earlier on 12/20)
Evil Playmobile: Treasure Chest based on original layout (Boxes all opened on 12/19)
Lego: Trash Bin (opened from 12/21-12/24)

Plot: As Knacks is trying to confess it love for Cher, Waiterbot comes in and catches the two together. He orders Knacks to get out immediately. Lego Santa gathers up the crew and suspends all Calendar duties until further notice, effectively putting everyone in lockdown. Tigerboy realizes that the fences he opened yesterday were actually for today, and box #20 was left unopened. He feels the need to rush out and open it in order to preserve the natural order of things. Lego Santa forbids this, since no one should be in harm's way under his watch, but Tigerboy decides to head out anyway.

The Lego bit-characters gather together and form a plan to get noticed. They intend to sit on the front stoop and wait for the rabbits, so they can then single handedly save the day. Inside, Mare and Knacks chat about their problems, and Mare states that hers sound far more important.

At the Calendar, Tigerboy opens an umbrella and feels foolish for rushing out to get such a useless gift. Meanwhile the evil forces arrive directly behind him. Hare orders Hssxxlllo to grab and tie up Tigerboy as a sacrifice to Leviathan.

At home, the Lego characters are lined up and ready to fight. Waiterboy hears some noise soon after, and Trudy and Carol witness the ensuing carnage, which informs them that the time has come. With the bit-characters dead, Hare and company head inside. Santa is in the middle of explaining to the two firemen, that that need to actually know how to put out fires. Hare opens the door and blasts Lego Santa with hand energy. He catches fire and dies. Mare sees this and wants Hare to fight her and only her, sparing the others. Hare orders the minions to kill everyone regardless.

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