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December 18, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Santa-X, Chainmale, Carol, Trudy, Lego Santa 2006, Orange Oswald, Blue Oswald, Doctor, Gas Attendant, Alpha Omega, Hare, Cher, Waiterbot, Hssxxlllo, Legotron, Box, James Lipton, Mista Snowman, Tigerboy, Mare II's Bones

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Large Dress
Evil Playmobile: Chainmale
Lego: Train Signal

Plot: Santa-X opens the evil Playmobile Calendar box to reveal Chainmale, a knight. The knight considers Santa-X his father, and won't think otherwise. At home, Mare is introducing Carol to the cast that lives in their home. She lists the main characters, then skips over the Lego bit-characters since there are too many to care about.

Hare is listening in and desires a quick win, so she starts to summon Leviathan. Hssxxlllo comes in and the rumbling stops, so apparently Leviathan isn't ready.

In Waiterbot's lair, he is furious about being accused of attacking the Lego characters, despite being caught in the act. Since Yoga will not solve his rage, he instead tries to comb Cher's hair. She counters by letting him know that there's a Box of Ding-dongs downstairs. He warns her that this should not be a trick. As he leaves, Knacks comes out of hiding from the closet.

Legotron and Box come home, but Legotron took on one too many heads, and now can't fit in the door. In the shadows, James Lipton is filming this for his next picture. He then trips over Kuse's package to Mare, which had been stashed away by Jacob earlier. Upstairs Mare is talking to Kuse about the magic notes he received from Hssxxlllo, when Mare II's skeleton comes through the door behind her.

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