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December 16, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Trudy, Waiterbot, Mista Snowman, Legotron, Box, Lego Santa 2006, Hare, Santa-X, Hssxxlllo, Alpha Omega (listed as Fireman), Orange Oswald, Doctor, James Lipton

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: A Gold Ring and an Apple in a Basket
Evil Playmobile: Horse (revealed later in month)
Lego: Younger James Lipton look-a-like

Plot: Knacks explains to Mare that Kuse wants to come home, but his role at work is providing them the safe haven needed to resist the onslaught of evil. They both agree that sometimes this time of the year just sucks.

Waiterbot interrupts and points them in the direction of Trudy, the new large Mare who arrived the day before. They initially want to turn her away, since they are dealing with a lot, but Trudy comments that she may be related despite being from another dimension. Knacks figured the extra muscle would be good to have, and Lego Santa who after playing a larger role than most Santas earlier in the month and then being noticeably absent recently, just whispers nonsense to Mare to make his role loo more important.

Hare and Santa-X are viewing this new development via the Maren II skull-camera. Santa-X is worried, but Hare doesn't see it as a threat. At the Calendar, Legotron finds a new Lego person and wants the head. Box reasons that they may need the extra hands. After looking at the person and seeing that it resembles a younger James Lipton, Box agrees to let Legotron have the head.

At home, Trudy is eating the last Ding-dong much to the dismay of the Lego bit-characters. James Lipton approaches her and offers her a role in his new romantic comedy about a girl who loves a boy but is mute and has mutant hands, thius preventing her from conveying her feelings. In the third act the hero will be revealed as a bear. Trudy agrees as long as she gets top billing over the bear.

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