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December 14, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Doctor, Box, Legotron, Lego Santa 2006, Orange Oswald, Errand Owl, Pauly Pooch, Gas Attendant, James Lipton, Fireman, Blue Oswald, Random Peacock, Alpha Omega, Tigerboy, Mista Snowman, Waiterbot, Jacob, Mare II's Bones, Cher, Hare, Santa-X

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Gold Frog on a Lillypad
Evil Playmobile: Stand (never shown)
Lego: Outdoor Shower

Plot: With Legotron back together, and Mare II's bones spread on a table, Mare announces that the enemy has fired the first shot, and they need to take action. Once again, the buddy system has been implemented for leaving the house, meaning Waiterbot can't let Mista Snowman go alone while he remains in his lair with Cher.

Mare calls Kuse and tells him that he has to come home, but not until she sends out an escort team. She then talks to Doctor about the bones, and asks his opinion. He confesses that Doctor is simply his name, not his profession.

Across the house, Jacob is looking for the walkie-talkie, and Tigerboy catches him. Jacob warns him to give back the item as his hands begin to glow with hand energy. Mare sees him doing this, and now knows the truth. Jacob is blasted but escapes while praising the rabbits. This leads to some initial confusion, but triggers a memory with Mare about an extremist group that one of her sisters used to hang out with. While this is happening, a camera in Mare II's skull records the conversation. On the other end Santa-X praises the Rabbit, who then announces her true name as Hare Winningham.

Link: - Music only track with poster of the Rabbit Revolution
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