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December 12, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Hare, Hssxxlllo, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty, Cher, Errand Owl, Mista Snowman, Legotron, Box, Hssxxlllo, Tigerboy, Hare, Santa-X

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: A Bidet Fountain
Evil Playmobile: Saddle (never shown)
Lego: A Cart

Plot: Hssxxlllo is concerned that they are losing their ultimate goals, but the other rabbit says he shouldn't be as that's not his concern. He must continue believing in the vision, and also earning money at the job so they can afford their plans.

At work Kuse hangs a sign up so no one will bother him while he creates a card for Mare. But he can't think of the right words. At home, Waiterbot is angry that Cher has been talking to Knacks. Waiterbetty comes in and wants Cher's body in exchange for Waiterbot's privacy in his lair. He thinks about the possibilities for a moment, but then decides that he doesn't want to give his wife the opportunity to become more powerful than himself. She thanks him for being saved, but Waiterbot wants no part in helping, passing this off as a technicality.

At the Calendar, Legotron is trying to convey his concern with Mare spending so much time with Jacob. Box doesn't believe it, and feels he can't call Kuse anyway do to his job. Meanwhile Kuse is talking to Hssxxlllo about the card he's trying to write. His current efforts are no good, so Hssxxlllo grabs a pen to do it himself.

Tigerboy shows Knacks the walkie-talkie, and they try to contact the otherside. The rabbit picks up and asks for a status update. Knacks has no idea what this means, which triggers the rabbit to hang up since it isn't Jacob. They decide to accelerate their plans, since the inside job is falling apart.

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