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December 8, 2007
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Tigerboy, Pirateguy-1, Pirateguy-2, Jacob, Mista Snowman, Lego Santa 2006, Random Rita, Cher, Waiterbot, Santa 2005, Legotron, Box

Notable Events: none

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Birds
Evil Playmobile: Serving Pitcher and Goblets (never shown)
Lego: Wheelbarrow with luggage

Plot: Knacks and Tigerboy arrive in Tahiti finally and start searching for Mare II. Tigerboy is captivated by the tropics, but Knacks wants to get right to business and asks some local pirates for help. They can't give any good advice, nor can Random Rita. They decide to search around on their own.

At home, Jacob arrives and is curteous to everyone making a good impression. Waiterbot gives Cher a present of a bedpan, so she doesn't have to sleep in her own filth anymore. He's amazed that Playmobile gave two human gifts already, since it seem only Lego gives more people than objects. He decided to head out early and get to the gifts earlier from now on, so he doesn't miss another opportunity.

Back in Tahiti, Knacks is depressed. While Tigerboy goes for a swim, Santa from the previous year shows up and chats. He overheard from the Pirates that Knacks was looking for Mare II, and says he saw her pass by earlier. He lets Knacks know that Mare II is the type of person who needs to travel and find herself. Settling down isn't the type of activity that would be possible. After thanking Santa for his time, Knacks heads back home.

At home Jacob finds Mare on the balcony, and tries to comfort her, even offering his cape to keep her warm. Waiterbot, while at the Calendar only gets some birds, and also realizes that he's still holding the bedpan.

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