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December 23, 2006
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Mista Snowman, Miss Snowman, Santa 2005, Santa-X, Tigerboy, Legotron, Alpha Omega, Doctor, James Lipton, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty, Box, Claire, Mare II

Notable Events: Claire dies

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Santa 2006 (Santa-X as he becomes later)
Lego: Fire Extinguisher (Opened on 12/24)

Plot: Kuse is confused as Santas usually come out of the 24th boxes, not 23, but this year's Santa knows where he will be. As they arrive to the box, they see that the new Santa has been burnt as well, in an attempt to prevent any advantage. This enrages Santa and he is motivated to handle this situation alone.

At home, the group is all tied up, and Mare II is whining about staying, as she wants to go out and have fun. Knacks tries to win over Mare II, since she revealed that she liked his poem, but in the end can't betray her roots as a Mare. Kuse and Santa arrive home finally, not intending to fight, but to prepare. However the enemy is already there, so they get ready for battle.

After a cut, we see that everyone is now tied up and helpless. Rather than waiting for Mare to come home and complete the group, Claire decides to kill the present company one by one in order to avoid the common antagonist cliche of waiting too long. She wants Knacks first, who pleads with Mare II to stop this. He wishes her a Merry Christmas after all, which causes her to be taken aback and ultimately turning on Claire, blasting a bolt of hand energy into her.

Claire is none too pleased and prepares to retaliate, but Mare arrives home. After Claire tries to blast her too, Mare is unphased and reveals that she is much more powerful after turning good. Mare then attacks Claire, ripping her apart. She sets everyone free, and they get ready for the Christmas Party.

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