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December 15, 2006
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Chef, Waiterbot, Legotron, Tigerboy, Mista Snowman, Box, Errand Owl, Evil-1, Evil-2

Notable Events: Box emerges as his grown self

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Box (teenage version)
Lego: Miniature Flower Shop

Plot: Chef makes a meal for Waiterbot and Legotron, which is not met with a positive response. Knacks confronts Waiterbot about defacing his MySpace page. Waiterbot remains defiant, and Knacks storms off.

Mista Snowman and Kuse are still at the Calendar searching for Box. Mista is being annoying, but recommends that they open the gift for today. Knacks and Tigerboy are confused by their gift since it is in several pieces and ends up being a flower shop. They figure it's to sell flowers to the bereaved after people die in traffic accidents from the previous gifts. Back at Mista Snowman's side, he opens the box and Box pops out. He apologizes for making everyone nervous, but needed to metamorphize alone.

Back at home Mare thinks about the situation and feels bad for being so hard on Kuse. But then she is kidnapped by the evil henchmen before she's able to meet up with Kuse.

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