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December 9, 2006
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Waiterbot, Waiterbetty, Scabby, Box, Mother, Pauly Pooch, Legotron, Chef, Tigerboy, Evil-1, Evil-2, Evil-3, Troll, Doctor, The Boss

Notable Events: Knacks rejoins Lego calendar with Tigerboy

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Pauly Pooch
Lego: Cosmetic Computer

Plot: The bad guy and Scabby are meeting up and have Waiterbetty's head in a basket. They prepare to bring her to the Boss.

At home Kuse grows bored of Box's crawling, since that's about all he can do. Mother comes out to see them, and acts civil for once. She apologizes and agrees to let Mare live her life as long as she can be a part of her grandson's life. Kuse doesn't trust her, but Mare says they have to give her a chance. As Legotron tries to pursuade Chef to donate his head, Box flies into them from the powerful throw by Mother. Mare can't believe what happened and hopes Box is okay.

At the Calendar, Tigerboy explains to Knacks that he was the only one home when Santa was looking for a replacement for Waiterbot, and that's how he got the job. However, he doesn't know what and Advent Calendar is nor the proper procedures. Knacks helps build the items and get him acquainted with the procedure. Soon after building the last item, Tigerboy says he really doesn't want the gig, and Knacks takes over.

At home, Mare casts her mother out and instructs her to change, but that's not likely. She needs to be alone for a while, so Kuse and Box head out to the Calendar to get the latest gift. Kuse tells Box about the special priviledges associated with the job, and they open up a box revealing a puppy. Waiterbot rushes in and starts to tell them about the kidnapping, but it rendered speechless by the sheer cuteness of the baby and puppy.

At the evil lair, the bad guys are trying to meet the boss, but are delayed by the levels of henchmen that seemingly prevent their meetup. Troll takes the basket and gives it to the Boss, who remains unseen for now.

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