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December 7, 2006
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Knacks, Kuse, Mare, Waiterbot, Mrs. Claus's body, Construction Worker's corpse, Air Traffic Controller's corpse, Bad Guy, Legotron, Surf, Mother, Doctor, Box

Notable Events:
Surf gives his head to Legotron
First appearance of Box
Waiterbetty is stolen off Mrs. Claus

Calendar Gift:
Playmobile: Box (not yet named)
Lego: Doctor

Plot: Kuse is giving Mare breakfast, when her Mother comes in. Mother doesn't want the baby, but both Mare and Kuse reiterate their desire to have it. Mother leaves Kuse with the comment that Winninghams are not easy to raise. Suddenly Mare becomes ill and asks to be taken to the Calendar immediately.

They pass waiterbot on their way, leaving him confused. Waiterbot gets to his calendar and finds a person that he must assemble. The bad guy arrives again and Waiterbot states that he may do evil again, but it will be on his own terms. The bad guy said that he should head home quickly in that case, and hopes he's not too late. They rush home and find the house a mess. A box is left in the rubble, and opening it reveals the ex-body of Waiterbetty, her head missing.

Knacks is at home wondering what he should blog about, and sees Surf giving up his head to Legotron. At the calendar, Mare states that the labor scare was a false alarm. Kuse is annoyed and goes to open today's box. Inside is a baby, and Mare reveals that that's how they give birth. Kuse comments on his pink pants.

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