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December 7, 2004
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Kuse, Knacks, Mare, Waiterbot, Pirate Bob, Pirate Jack

Notable Events: First appearance of Waiterbot

Calendar Gift: Firewood

Plot: At the sushi bar, the three relax and try some new food. Mare gets them to at least have a California roll since everyone starts with that. After eating for a bit, Knacks doesn't care for the food too much and they all decide to down the Sake.

Ten minutes later, they are on the floor and going off on drunken ramblings. The waiter and pirates at the bar get rather annoyed at their behavior and ask them to leave. After arriving home, they realized that they forget to open that day's box. Upon opening, they see the brain of the waiter from the sushi bar. Their behavior got him fired, so now he needs a place to stay until Christmas. They agree.


Trivia: The sushi scenario is based on Matt's experience with sushi at work
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