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November 30, 2004
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Kuse, Knacks, Mare

Notable Events:
First Appearance of Kuse and Knacks
Storyline driven calendar, rather than toy review
Mare becomes blond for a year

Calendar Gift: n/a

Plot: Beginning the third year, the calendar switches gear into a pure dialogue-driven mode rather than a narrated toy review. Two legomen, Knacks and Kuse, are searching for the body of Mare from the previous year. Knacks hopes to become the founding member of the GCM (Great Cult of Mare).

After some searching, they found a large sign/headstone stating the location of Mare. They dig in that spot and find a skeleton. Originally Knacks only wanted the skull, but after dragging the whole corpse back home, he had a better idea. He happened to have a Voodoo Statue, which inevitably must perform some sort of resurrection spell, so they give it a try.

After successfully raising Mare, she thanks them and states that she is no longer evil. Death gave her a new perspective on life. Noting that it's now November 30th, she quickly brings the duo to the Advent Calendar and instructs them to wait until Midnight to open it.

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