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March 27, 2008
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Alice, Larry, Brian, Barnum, Arcano, Giant Coconut Crabs

Notable Events:

Plot: This story was posted after the activities of 2008, but acts as a prequel to provide more light on Arcano's involvement in the Circus. For the purpose of suspense, it may be best to read the December 22, 2008 cliffhanger, then this story which leads directly into June 15, 2009, followed by the traditional start of the year on December 1, 2009.

Alice and Larry work at a circus and have just finished up a show. Brian comments on the repetitive nature of their work, but Alice just instructs him to go through with it before ushering the audience out of the tent.

They comment on how much money they must have made, but they'll count it later since it's late. In the stands, a green figure is still sitting there. They try to figure out why he's there, but then decide to just get him to go home. However the Elephant and Lioness are behind them and transform into the Giant Coconut Crabs, thus defining their role in the season to come.

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